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The best team to take your surf to the next level

We have put together a group of amazing surf coaches and incredible persons. They will take your surf to the next level while you have the best time of your life. Do it for you, check our surf trips and join this amazing team on your next life adventure.

Virgile Paillard

Born in France, Virgile received most of his surf coach accreditation in Hossegor, while working for Capbreton Surf Club.

He moved to Siargao two years ago and funded Siargao Surf Club, a surf club for local surfers under 21 years old with huge projection in professional surf, but not resources.

Through hard work he managed to get support from sponsors and he is giving this surfers a real chance to become pro.

John Carby

This Australian legend will teach you how to be comfortable in absolutely any situation in the water.

Family man, his passion for surf brought him to Siargao and his dedication to help others make him stay.

Founder and director of Nissi academy if he is not in the water he is doing something good for the community.

Old stories says John was born into a barrel.

Marama - John Mark Tokong

Professional surfer, competing in WSL Qs events in Asia and Australia. Winner of Cloud 9 WSL event 2015 and 2019.

Born and raise in Siargao Island, he is an outstanding surfer and even a better person. He works hard on his professional career.

He will teach us commitment in any situation.

If he is not in the barrel just look up, he is probably about to land an aerial right next to you.

Diego Dosh

After many years working as marketing director for multinational companies, he left everything and moved to Siargao chasing his dream: barrel Cloud 9.

Born in Madrid, his passion for surf started late, so it took extra work and commitment learn to surf waves like Cloud 9.

All this work put him in the way to start Surftirp.org.


Joelle Monfiletto

Born and raised in California, Joelle soon discovered her passion for travel and started an international career.

She took her teacher training in California and completed her formation with sound healing from a Nepali master.

She will teach us to how to keep calm in any situations, the importance of being aware of everything while surfing, and how powerful yoga can be for surf.

Matt Power

Professional surf photographer with international experience.

He has covered WSL events and share waves with pro surfers such as John John Florence, Kelly Slater, etc.

His work speaks for himself.

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