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We have designed an all inclusive surf trip to be the trip of a lifetime. We aim to create the best surf experience providing top notch trainers for workouts, breathing, personal surf coaching, yoga and more. Not to mention giving back to the local community as we donate a portion of our proceeds!

Surf video analysis

Surf & video analysis

Not only would you receive on the spot feedback in the water, our coaches will also provide thorough video analysis, tips and tricks to help improve your surf abilities.

Workout & stretching

Workouts will be adapted around your skill set, built to help you strengthen your performance in the water. Learn techniques of how competing surfers stay in good shape and are always ready for big swells! You will also the understanding of proper stretching before and after any type of sport.

Yoga & meditation

Increased flexibility, a strong core and a clear mind, three skills that are ideal in and out of the water; yoga offers many benefits to improve your surf.  Adding mediation to your regular practice also boots your awareness of your movements, breathing and surroundings so you can strive to be your best!


There are many positive benefits to using breathing exercises including: reducing inflammation, decrease stress and increasing energy levels to name a few. Our breath training will help improve your surf and allows for more confidence in the water as you learn to increase your breath hold for extreme situations.

Healthy food

Nutrition and eating habits are important components to a healthy life. Review different ways to eat (keto, carb cycling etc.),  update your knowledge about food and get on the path to getting your body to feel its best. Learn and understand what suits your body type and track your progress during your training!

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