siargao october 2020

  • Siargao Island, Philippines
  • October 9th - 18th
  • 10 days & 9 nights
  • Intermidiate & advance levels
  • 3,800 per person
  • Application: ON HOLD due Covid19

a trip that will change the way you understand surf

Surf trip Siargao October 2020

Join us for an all inclusive surf trip to the beautiful island of Siargao, the surf capital of the Philippines October 2020. We organize a full itinerary to maximize your stay and enjoyment. Surf with professionals, learn from experts and take away knowledge to better your life. This all-inclusive is designed to improve your surf and boost your skills to the next level. We have you covered for accommodation, food, workouts, yoga, video analysis, breathing and more. We can even arrange your flights from any main city from around the world. Beyond a surf trip, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself into the local culture and get to enjoy a small slice of paradise.

What is

  • Airport transfer (Siargao)
  • Accommodation in Siargao
  • Food (breakfast, lunch and welcome dinner)
  • Nutrition coaching
  • Transport other surfspots when needed
  • Exploring tour (secret places in Siargao)
  • Island hopping
  • Surf coaching
  • Video analysis and photo session
  • Surf equipment if needed
  • Workouts / surftraining
  • Yoga & meditation
  • Animal movement class
  • Breathing coaching

What is


Surf coaching

Improve your technique with our surf coaches providing guides, tips and tricks.

Gain a better understanding of the sport and all the tools your need to take your surfing capabilities to the next level.

Video analysis & photo session

Video analysis provides objective information that helps you understand your performance.

Understand and correct you weak points as well as discover your strong suits to maximize your time in the water.

Surf video analysis

Workout & stretching

Learn what types of workouts fit your body type and how to adjust your regime to fit the swells and conditions. Not only can regular stretching and workouts help prevent injuries, but also helps your overall performance in the water.

Body weight, hiit, animal movement, in our gym at Siargao: SOS Malinao

Yoga & meditation

Yoga can be considered one of best compliments for surf. It relaxes the body and allows you to be more present, which will naturally transfer this to the waves.

It helps to keep your flexibility, strong core and balance in line.

Yoga meditation for surf

Breath training

Breath training can completely change your life. Not only will it give you confidence for extreme swell conditions but it can also impact your body and mind!

Overall, it will have huge positive effects by increasing energy, boost your immunity and improve your health.

Food & Nutrition coaching

Food and nutrition can play a major role in your body ability to perform.

Learn the importance of food and how it works with your body type. 

Understand and review different ways to eat, types of proteins, carbs and fat. Tack and monitor your progress during training, take away the knowledge to improve your life.


Beachfront accommodation that it situated in front of world-renowned surf spot Cloud 9. Comfortable rooms that can accommodate up to four persons equipped with AC, pool access and restaurants. Located just steps away from postcard perfect views and amazing sunsets!

Cloud 9 Boardwalk

Discover Siargao

Explore and fall in love with the gorgeous island of Siargao. With many places to see and things to do, we have organized trips to discover hidden beaches and nearby islands.

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Please fill the form to apply for this trip:

Submit your application to our team of coaches. We are accepting students with an intermediate level of surf that are looking to advance their skills. We aim to keep the group small, so spaces are limited! Please use the designated space to tell us about you, any surf videos/photos you may already have and what your goals are.

Our team will review all applications and responses will be within 24 hours. 

Good luck!!

Frequent Asked Questions

Yes, we can guide you on the best way to get here or we can book the tickets for you and ad the cost to the surftrip price.

If you travel with friends we will set up the rooms so you are together. If you are traveling solo we will put you in a single room or with other solo travelers, depending on availability and your preference. If you want a room for you though, please mention it on your application.

Yes, it will depend on resort availability, but if not in the same place we will help you find a room in a similar place. Cost not included in the trip.

No. In order to get the best of the trip for everyone, we take very seriously your surf level. If you want to come to Siargao as a beginner we will point you in the right direction, just let us know.

No worries, send us your surf videos or photos and our coaches will determine your level. If you don't have any material let us know on your application and we will figure it out.

Yes, but also other spots only accessible by boat. Siargao has many waves, each of them good to get better at something (barreling, turns, aerials, etc). We will plan the itinerary according to all surfers expectations.

From head high to double over head, October can hold mid to big conditions. However we will choose the right spot according to the conditions and surfers experience. We want you to challenge your self, but also be safe and enjoy the trip.

October is the best month of the year to surf here, but if by any chance there are no waves, we have other activities planned (free diving, explore the island, fishing boat trips, etc).

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