Surf photography workshop – Siargao

  • Siargao Island, Philippines
  • November 9th - 14th
  • 6 days & 5 nights
  • All levels
  • $2,800 per person
  • Application: ON HOLD due Covid19

become a professional surf photographer & videographer

Surf photography workshop - Siargao November 2020

6 days on the number 1 island destination of Asia: Siargao. World class surf spots, crystal clear water and perfect beaches will allow you to take the best pictures of your life.  This surf photography workshop is hosted by Matt Power a professional surf photographer with worldwide experience. You will learn everything about surf photography, edition, personal branding (social media management) and also the business side, how to make a living out of this. By joining this workshop you will be supporting Siargao locals. We donate a % of our income to support local projects and help the island developing sustainability. You need to have your own camera, water housing, laptop and swimming fins.

What is

  • Airport transfer (Siargao)
  • Accommodation in Siargao
  • Breakfast and welcome dinner
  • Transport to surfspots and other locations
  • Exploring tour (secret places in Siargao)
  • Island hopping
  • Theorical & practical course
  • Swimming & position on the surf spot
  • Posto production and edition of water photography
  • Photography business
  • Personal branding management
  • Breathing coaching (be confortable in the water)

What is

Surf photography

Get in the water with professional surfers. Our team includes pro surfers, and Siargao most famos wave, Cloud 9, is usually surfed by pros from all around the world, specially in October and November.

Water safety

Knowing the spot, reading water currents and learning best way to swim out, reading the waves and finding the optimal spot for photography.

Get to know the surfers, how they behave, who is more prone to do aerials, who gets always barreled, etc.

Post production & editing

Get the most out of your Lightroom and Photoshop knowledge. Learn to work faster and in a more professional way so you can deliver excellent results in no time.

Either your work will end in a wall, in a website or just your portfolio it will be professional yes or yes.

Photography business

Work as a photographer full time. Set up a business and get paid while doing what you like.

There are different ways to get a solid income out of your passion, we will review all of them and help you find the best one for you.


Personal branding

Promote your work, find your own style and learn how to be consistent.

Build strong presence online. Grow on social media and reach potential clients.

Set your goals and gain the tools to achieve them.


Surf photography requires a specific skills set, knowledge and the right equipment.

Make the best out of your equipment, improve it step by step, what to buy, what you don’t need..


Beachfront accommodation in front of Cloud 9, world class surf spot.

Big rooms with AC and different spaces perfect to accommodate 2 or 4 people very comfortably.

Swimming pool, common areas, and of course restaurant. The perfect spot to enjoy this trip.

Cloud 9 Boardwalk

Discover Siargao

Siargao is big island with many places to explore. We will be surfing different spots, but we will also enjoy Siargao in other ways: Island hopping, secret beaches, amazing sunset spots..

If the swell give us a break we will use go out fishing, free-diving, etc.

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Please fill the form to apply for this trip:

Open to all levels, this workshop requires at least some experience in water photography. Please use the designated space to send your work. Our team will analyze your application and determine if you are suitable for this trip.

We will get back to you withing 24h

Good luck!!

Frequent Asked Questions

You need to be a competent swimmer, have your own camera, lenses, and housing. You will also need to bring your laptop and swim fins. And of course you need a travel insurance.

Accommodation & breakfast, transport from and to the local airport, transport to surf-spots (by car or boat). Island hopping and other activities.

Yes, we can guide you on the best way to get here or we can book the tickets for you and ad the cost to the workshop price.

If you travel with friends we will set up the rooms so you are together. If you are traveling solo we will put you in a single room or with other solo travelers, depending on availability and your preference. If you want a room for you though, please mention it on your application.

Yes, it will depend on resort availability, but if not in the same place we will help you find a room in a similar place. Cost not included in the workshop.

Yes, but also other spots only accessible by boat. Siargao has many waves, each of them will allow you to improve specific photography skill. You will shoo barrels, big walls, smooth turns, aerials, etc.

From head high to double over head, November can hold mid to big conditions. However we will choose the right spot according to the conditions and photographers experience. We want you be safe and enjoy the workshop.

If by any chance there is no waves, we have other activities planned (free diving, explore the island, fishing boat trips, etc). Your water photography skills will improve yes or yes

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